The Hazy Blues

On a cloudless morning as the sun rises over the horizon, it streams into my east facing window, and gently wakes me from my slumber. It’s my favourite way to wake up. No blaring alarm clock to make me groggy, no dreary day sucking my motivation dry, just a tender nudge out of bed from the glowing orb in the sky.

Unfortunately, not all mornings can start that way. For the last month, at least three times a week, I’ve had an alarm clock angrily yelling at me to get out of bed at six in the morning. While I could do without the alarm clock, for me being up that early isn’t the worst thing in the world. It gives me time to breathe, have a big breakfast, read some articles, and mull over my upcoming schedule before heading out for the day.

Toronto has been fairly dreary over the last couple of months, save for a few days here and there of sunshine and above normal temperatures (which are absolutely glorious occasions in my books). On the gloomy days there is a noticeable drop in my typically cheery demeanour; getting out of bed is a struggle, and my productivity definitely suffers, however, on one particular day last week a fog advisory had me hopping out of bed and heading out of my apartment with my camera at seven in the morning.

There’s something about the way the haze drifts over the city, enveloping it in a calm yet eery light that makes it the perfect conditions for a morning shoot.

Here are some photos I managed to capture on my commute to work.



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