Maple Branch is a creative endeavour kindled by our society and the environment.

Storytelling is humanity’s way of passing information along from one generation to the next. Sometimes stories are in the form of fiction with morals to take away and apply to one’s life, and other times they’re non-fiction where the lessons are based more in reality. They come in different forms, from paintings, to photos and films, to the written word, and design.

My goal with Maple Branch is four fold:

  1. To have a place where I can experiment with creativity, and gain feedback from others.
  2. To tell stories about people who are overcoming struggles, living the life they want to live, or striving to better themselves every day via photo essays or pocket docs.
  3. To explore this beautiful planet that we call home, and share the landscapes and stories it holds.
  4. To work with companies that have a strong environmental and/or social mandate within their mission, who are striving to make the world a better place.

If you’re a lover of the arts and like to see others’ take on the world, follow along.

If you’re a company that falls into category four, click the contact button to get in touch.

Danielle Thorn
founder of Maple Branch Media